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Postby bob daily on Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:11 pm

Some of can't afford a dog so we use the grandkids to clean up after, yes on the boat too!
I've noticed very little use of the Tugmuts section of this forum so I was wondering if anyone
Has thought of adding kids and grandkids ?
I'm sure I'm not the only Skipper out there with a few horror stories, and a few cute pictures to share.
Just a thought. Bob
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Re: Grandkids

Postby Crazy Heart on Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:03 pm

Ok I’ll jump in. I love taking the Grand Kids on the boat, though I don’t get to as often as I would like. They are in California and we are in Utah.
My best story: We we’re cruising in San Francisco Bay and on auto pilot with my Grandson Max on my lap. I stepped away from the helm to reach my Mocha and said don’t touch any buttons. I guess that was an invitation. He started pushing buttons on the auto pilot and turned down the back light to the point I couldn’t see it in the sunlight. Yes, sometimes there is sunlight there. Then he put us unto a tight circle. That did alert me to his mischief!
The good news:
1. We were in the open with no other boats in the area. ( I would not have left the helm otherwise)
2. We were at a slow cruise.
3. The other people on the boat thought it was very funny.
4. We only did 4 revolutions before righting the ship.
5. Max did say “sorry Grandpa”
The bad news:
1. I had to get my nephew with better night vision than I to look at the auto pilot and readjust the back light.
Live and learn
Captain Jerry
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