engine bolt advice

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engine bolt advice

Postby Cutwater28GG on Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:23 pm

I was testing the engine bolts today as it was mentioned on a few other threads that others found theirs loose.

of the four brackets both bow end brackets had one of their bow end bolts loose. (also the hardest to get too :roll: )
- I am talking about the pair of 15mm bolts that bolt through the foot into the glassfiber.

From what I can tell there is a split ring washer between the nut and the black foot of the engine bracket.

one tightened up nicely. the other seems to spin and not tighten. its not loose per say but not as tight as I would like.

1. could this because the split ring washer is flattened out?
2. or the glassfiber has striped? (this doesnt seem right as I would have thought it would have a bolt on the underside?)

I didnt want to keep on turning the bolt in case I was making it worse. could perhaps the bolt on the other side just be spinning with the bolt?

need some advice on next steps!
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Re: engine bolt advice

Postby knotflying on Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:13 am

If I understand you correctly, you are talking about the bolt that screws into the hull? If so it could be on the verge of being stripped. I am pretty sure that there is wood embedded in the fiberglass and those bolts are lag bolts. The only fix I can think of would be to remove the bolt, measure the depth by sticking in a narrower item (maybe a small nail), clean out the hole, fill with epoxy. Once the epoxy is set, drill a new pilot hole at the depth you measured and reinsert the screw.

And then again, using the old adage, " If it works, don't fix it" may be a better route. :D
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Re: engine bolt advice

Postby BB marine on Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:08 am

If you are talking about the motor mount hold down bolts (Lag Bolts ) and they are stripped out or seem to be stripping out. Knotflyings method is one that is used and works. I also used the method that I will describe . Wood in stringers is old school and I actually didn't know it was still being done. The fix we used when that was common construction was to remove the Lag. If the lag was a 3/8 bolt we would dill out the hole to 1/2 inch. If good wood was found ( not rotted) leave the hole open or use a hair dryer to dry the wood out. Then use a oak 1/2" dowel rod saturated with epoxy and saturate the wood in the hole with epoxy. Then drive the dowel rod in the hole. Let it set up and Harden. Then drill a hole for 3/8" lag bolt. Install lag bolt and will be as good as new. I was not aware that there was wood in the stringers in Cutwaters and Rangers I was told that there wasn't wood in the construction of the stringers that there was metal plates inserted for holding the engine mounts in place. I hope that is the case. If it is you may be able to chase the threads and use a new bolt or drill and tap to the next larger thread. And install new larger bolt. I can't image why it would be stripped unless it was cross threaded during installation. I had two that were cross threaded on my keel shoe. I removed the bolts and used a 3/8 16 tap to chase them and reinstalled with sealant. Worked out fine. I belief it was a brass insert.
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