Oldest R21 Classic?

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Re: Oldest R21 Classic?

Postby cracker39 on Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:35 pm

REO6205 wrote:
cracker39 wrote:
REO6205 wrote:Another hull number to help you guys in your search. This is from a 2005 I owned.

FMLR 2117 G405

Interesting. I’m guessing that the casting of this hull was subcontracted to another company unless someone has a better explanation for the “FMLR” prefix. Likewise, if the “2117” is a sequential numbering scheme, as generally confirmed by the previous hull numbers we have herein, it is out of sequence. 2005 is the year that the R21 EC evolved but you failed to say whether the 2005 you owned was an R21 - or an R21 EC. I assumed from your use of the past-tense that you were not referring to the R21 EC shown in your profile.

Okay, I'll try explaining this in a little more detail. FMLR 2117 G405 is a 2005 Ranger Tug R-21. It has the small cabin.

As stated above, Fluid Motion is the builder. I have no idea if the hull was subcontracted and I don't really care. It was a fine little boat.

My current boat is an R-21 EC. Everybody clear on this now?

Has anybody contacted the factory to see if they have the needed information or are you guys going to continue to stumble around like a bunch of maritime Three Stooges?

Good luck in your search.

For the record, I was in touch with the factory months ago and they could offer little or no information with respect to the early R21 Classics. They did, however, refer me to a very elderly retired gentlemen who worked with the original Owner of Ranger Fiberglass Boats until his retirement. I have subsequently had a long and fascinating conversation with him about the early years of Ranger and I’m hopeful that the conversation will continue. Your 2005 R21 is of particular interest to me because 2005 is apparently the last year the Classic hull was produced. Your feigned irritation was unnecessary. Not everyone appreciates the nuances of a boats pedigree or evolving design and that’s OK. Enjoy your R21 EC and I’ll enjoy my continuing research.
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Re: Oldest R21 Classic?

Postby harry ames on Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:50 pm

Poopsy is definitely a 1997
1997 R21 Classic named Poopsy
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Re: Oldest R21 Classic?

Postby cracker39 on Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:30 am

To Date:


1992———-CHESTER————RFB02630E592—————YANMAR 2GM20F———cracker39
1992———-LIL’ TOOT———- RFB02637G592————-YANMAR 3GM30F———Don Cardinal
1995———-EVERGREEN——-RFB02721C595—————YANMAR 3GM30F———Wildog69
1997———-POOPSY———————————————————————————————-Harry Ames
2005—————————————FMLR 2117 G405—————————————————REO6205

I hope that others will continue to add to the list. There has to be a lot of R21’s out there!
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