European Tug Adventure

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Re: European Tug Adventure

Postby CaspersCruiser on Wed May 16, 2018 2:17 pm

You’re planning a trip I’d love to make. My work has taken me many times to Cologne, Germany. Our layover hotel is right on the Rhine. The current on that water, at least in the Cologne environs, is WICKED. It would be slow going upstream. If you’re planning to cruise the Rhine, I suggest trailering up and cruising down. Here are some photos from an afternoon “castle cruise” on the Rhine from Rudesheim to Koblenz. There are lots of castles on the route. Every one has been destroyed and rebuilt in wars over the centuries. We were on a Koln-Düsseldorfer (K-D) boat similar to the one in the picture below.





Here’s a air view I took last summer of a river I’d like to cruise— the Danube in Austria:

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Re: European Tug Adventure

Postby TexasEye on Thu May 17, 2018 10:53 pm

I worked in Cologne too. Bonn/Cologne that is...Was stationed in Heidelberg, Loved it, yep, down river is an absolute as 3 to 4 (maybe) MPH going UP would be BOARING.

Depends on how long we can manage the Holiday/Sabbatical...Like I said I'm a kept man living off a much younger wife...

Those are some beautiful pictures of HOME for 3 years...
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