R-21 EC How many hours on your tugs?

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Re: R-21 EC How many hours on your tugs?

Postby cstpt on Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:27 am

Last season was the first for our 2017 21EC. We put 80 hours on her in four months, doing nothing more than harbour tours and spending a lot of time at anchor for the afternoon not far from home base. Given the speed of the boat, trying to travel any distance would put some hours on the meter!
2017 R21EC (the last one, perhaps)
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Re: R-21 EC How many hours on your tugs?

Postby Fisho on Sat Feb 16, 2019 3:48 pm

I purchased my 2012 21EC 8 months ago with 172 hours. The couple who had it developed health issues and had not used it much for several years. Since I purchased I have done over 100 hours. I expect to do about 150+ hours a year. We are in Australia so can use every day of the year. I also have a boatshed, boat ramp and jetty etc so access to water is easy. Agree, engine maintenance is the key. 4000+ hours should be doable but I doubt I will do more than 1500 hours.
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Re: R-21 EC How many hours on your tugs?

Postby GA-Midnight Cruise on Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:45 am

2003 R-21 Classic 3GM30F bought it with 325 hours 5 years ago. Now has 1,790.
2005 R-21 Classic 3YM30 230 hours bought it in Nov of 2018.
1998 R-21 Classic 350 hours. (2 cyl, 2GM) I loved this little engine. Sounded so good on the low end and ran like the wind WOT.
1993 R-21 Classic 3GM30F 320 hours.

Don't be scared of these low hour gems. Run them wide open. Rotate your fuel. Run clean oil,filters and just make sure your injectors are spraying efficiently. I've seen a 3GM with 10,000 hours on it. Make it your goal to put as many hours on that boat before you become an angel.

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Re: R-21 EC How many hours on your tugs?

Postby REO6205 on Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:20 pm

We bought our 2014 with 170 hours on it two and a half years ago. We use it for both work and play and now have almost 1200 hours total time. No problems with the boat itself.
We got the free new engine that Volvo/Penta mandated last year, had a faulty MDI replaced under warranty this year, and other than normal routine maintenance it's been a trouble free boat.
I change my oil at 100 hours because the engine spends a lot of time at idle. New fuel filters every 200 hours. I had an oil analysis done on the new engine at 100 hours and again at 300 hours and everything looked good. I pulled the exhaust off for the first time last week and there was very little carbon
I showed the oil report to a good marine mechanic I know and his statement was..."just keep doing what you're doing and that engine will run forever".
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