Cutwater 28 aft bilge pump / sensor

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Cutwater 28 aft bilge pump / sensor

Postby Nutedog on Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:21 pm

Seems as if my sensor has failed. Bilge works from switch at helm. Any knowledge about replacing these things would helpful. I am a older big guy preparing to deep dive into the bilge in the downward dog position so I only want to do this as few times as possible. Wife will be available with a winch for possible extraction. So any insight into how this is secured , wired , mounted would be helpful. Or any suggestions as to a replacement with built in sensor would also be helpful.
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Re: Cutwater 28 aft bilge pump / sensor

Postby Red Raven on Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:52 pm

Before you replace the sensor make sure you don’t have a blown fuse. The power for the sensor is fused separately from the power to the manual switch so just because the manual switch works don’t assume it is the sensor. On my boat the fuse is near the Thruster battery switch.

If it is a SPX Ultima Switch and the fuse is good here is the process to replace.

The hard part is reaching it. If you can get to it, it comes free easily with no tools. The sensor sits in a cradle with a slot/tab arrangement. The sensor justs slides up vertically an inch or so before it is free. It will then be only secured by the wires zip tied to the pump cartridge wires and potentially the output hose. The wires are long enough to ensure the connectors are never under water so there should be sufficient wire to pull it up to where you can work on it. You will likely need to snip a few tie wraps though to free the wires from the hose. Be sure to make the new connection up near the old to be clear of any possible submersion and use heat stink connectors with sealant.

You can also bring up the pump cartridge at the same time to clean it. There is a plastic lever on the side such that when pulled outward the cartridge can be turned a bit counter clockwise and the cartridge pops right out. You should be able to bring the two parts up together to replace the sensor and clean the impeller on the end of the cartridge.

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Re: Cutwater 28 aft bilge pump / sensor

Postby trailertrawlerkismet on Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:26 pm

On our R29S aft bilge pump “SPX Johnson” it is attached to the hull by three screws. I bought 2 cheap extensions (Harbor Freight)that I could connect together, attach the fitting to one end and wrench handle to the other. This arrangement helped not having to go all the way into the bilge until the pump/housing was unscrewed. Your set up may be different but if not I hope this helps. 2 day project by the time I figured it all out.

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