Leaning out of helm window on R29 S/CB models ?

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Leaning out of helm window on R29 S/CB models ?

Postby baz on Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:11 pm

Subject: Leaning out of helm window on R29 S/CB models ?

I've now had two instances of leaning out of the helm window on a 2019 R29 CB. One when doing a sea trial and the other at a Boat Show.

In both instances I find I cannot lean out far enough to get a clear view of the boat's starboard side, that is important/essential when docking bow in with a starboard tie.

In my previous RT boats there has been a flip down bar step allowing me to get some extra height off the floor to be able to lean out sufficiently for safely docking etc.

On the 2019 R29 S/CB I'm thinking a flip down step will be very helpful for me. I'm 5'-10" tall and I don't intend to start wearing high heel shoes... :lol:

In a previous post some nice adjustable flip down steps were referenced and I'm thinking seriously in buying one. I would need to attach it to the wall beneath the helm window but to do so will be a real challenge (if not impossible) to have it secured properly as getting behind the wall is likely not possible. This step cannot be attached to the wall under the helm seat and close to the adjacent wall as the R29 S/CB has a cabinet door in the area where the step would need to be installed. This cabinet door opens up to a storage area behind the Microwave (Northwest Edition model).

I think the only real option is to somehow convince RT to install this step for me as the boat is being built, unless others here can suggest how this can be done as a DIY after having the boat delivered.

As a last resort I guess I can simply use a small foldable step or a fixed height step that can be deployed when needed, such as these....



Thanks... :)

Here's the step I'm contemplating buying.
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000XBKFX8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1. There are less expensive steps but they aren't height adjustable.
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Re: Leaning out of helm window on R29 S/CB models ?

Postby Hydraulicjump on Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:51 pm


I am shorter than you (5'8") and discovered the same problem right away. I solved this pretty simply. I got a nice sheet of 1/2" clear fir plywood and built a handsome box with a hinged top.

Dimensions are simple. Must be no more than 6" high so that it clears the opening to the storage underneath the helm seat. It's maximum width fore-aft is 16" (beginning of curve to vertical) and its length (parallel to beam) is negotiable. If centered on the helm (that is equidistant with center on the helm) then 28".

I store stuff in this box that I want to get to quickly (lately it has been my documentation thanks to several stops by the Coast Guard). It is great to stand on when docking not just for leaning out of the window, but it gives better vision for the port side as well. And if you need to lean out the window to pull in a fender, it makes it easier still.

Took me an afternoon to build (use a piano hinge) and I finished it with three coats of marine urethane. It looks like I "meant it", meaning that the factory made it.

Hope that helps.

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