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Just a reminder

Postby Chimo on Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:17 pm

So, here in Sidney BC we have had some strong winds over the weekend, combined with some snow. Several boats have broken lines and been damaged as well as damaging other boats adjacent. The has been, in many cases, lines without chafe protection.

We also lost a 50 ft boat in Port Sidney marina yesterday. It caught fire and sank. Thanks to a great fire department they controlled the blaze and limited damage to one other boat. Fiberglass burns well! When I asked the fire chief if he knew the cause he said it was too early to tell but he would put money on a heater. Too many boats still using exposed light bulbs for heat apparently. The other problems are heaters that either tip over or slide as the boat moves. In the case of a 50ft boat maybe the owner never thought it would move much in the slip. Not true this weekend!

I went down to the marina to check on my heater right after talking to him.

Just a thought
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Re: Just a reminder

Postby Cowichan on Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:55 pm

Hi Chimo, great advice. I’m across the water from you in Mill Bay. Saw the fire on the news tonight. Snow (on the island!?) collapsed a couple of Biminis here- and a small sailboat dragged its mooring and got caught in the lines of a large sailboat that was then forced free of its mooring, lost the mainstay and therefor the mast and then both ended up on the beach. Now another, smaller boat on the beach this afternoon...probably lots of stuff happening on your side of the peninsula as well.
Best wishes to you.
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