GPS info not displaying on Cobra HH600 - DSC+GPS VHF radio

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GPS info not displaying on Cobra HH600 - DSC+GPS VHF radio

Postby baz on Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:42 pm

Subject: GPS info not displaying on my Cobra HH600 - DSC+GPS VHF radio

I have the Cobra Marine HH600 GPS+DSC VHF floatable handheld radio. I recently fully charged it and made sure all the settings were correct. I set the TIME ADJUST to be -7 hrs for my USA west coast local Daylight Savings time.

This radio model has a built-in GPS receiver yet I'm noting that the local time and the GPS co-ordinates are not displaying.

I have not programmed this radio with my MMSI as of yet (still waiting for it to be approved by the FCC via my boat's radio license).

This radio also has built-in Bluetooth and I can initiate phone calls while keeping my Apple iPhone safely in my pocket.

All of the above settings were done while inside my house.

Today, thinking that the built-in radio's GPS receiver needs access to satellites I decided to place the radio outside where it has a decent view of the sky and the invisible-to-the-eye satellites. At first the GPS location and local time display on the radio still was not displaying anything. I waited for about 15 mins while I went off to get a coffee and returned, and by golly, the GPS location and local time finally displayed. :D

I've also noted that if the radio is left without a good GPS signal the time will not advance nor will the GPS location, and it takes a few minutes to update once satellites are again detected. Once GPS signal is lost the radio display shows text saying so... "GPS LOST !"

This unit has quite a few nice features and includes...

Speed Over Ground (SOG) in kts or MPH or KPH
GPS satellite status and signal strength
Course Over Ground (COG)
NOAA Weather Alerts
Emergency DSC - distress button (as for the boat's stock VHF radio)
Man-Over-Board (MOB) button to record GPS location allowing a precise location for retrieval
Distance measurement - Statute miles, Nautical miles and Kilometers
Bluetooth pairing for mobile phones allowing hands free calling
Bluetooth VOX allowing voice commands for making phone calls
Tri-Watch to monitor/scan up to 3 channels
Rewind-Say-Again to replay the last 20 seconds of an incoming transmission (useful if a distressed boat's captain is overly excited)
Flashing LED strobe light in radio's base - providing a light, a strobe and a flashing SOS signal
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