Cruising License and AIS Prevention Permit

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Cruising License and AIS Prevention Permit

Postby Joan and Jim on Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:38 pm

The Cruising License is required for foreign boats in US waters. There is a 15 day waiting period after it's one-year expiry before it can be renewed. Last year I was told by a CPB officer in Friday Harbour that the waiting period did not apply to US-built boats. That exemption is also referenced in the 2019 Waggoner Cruising Guide at p.26. I went to the CBP web-site. The exemption is not set out in its FAQ's so I emailed for clarification. All I got back was the same answer I got when I wrote initially - word for word. If the exemption exists, the web-site needs to be updated. Does anyone have a reference to the definitive answer on this?

Also at Waggoner', p.26 and again at p.78, there is reference to an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Permit, new for 2018 for non-Washington State registered boats. The permit is purchased through Washington State Fish and Wildlife for $24 which must be renewed annually. Has anyone dealt with these?
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Re: Cruising License and AIS Prevention Permit

Postby Chimo on Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:35 pm

Did you get any answers on this? I received the same info. on the cruising license when I renewed in FH last year. The year before I simply had the license expire in February when I typically would not be visiting US waters anyway.

It used to be so simple as a Nexus holder to call in to US authorities and get cleared. The cruising license is an inconvenience but only takes a couple of hours out of my retirement once a year. The annoying part is that CBP and I agree that the administration must cost more than the $19. It would be nice if on line renewal were available.

The AIS permit at $24 is at least available on line. If you hadn't raised the issue I would never have known about it. It won't stop me visiting the US but it is just another "drip of the tax tap". Whoever is dreaming up these taxes is not in the tourist promotion business.
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