Another Thing for the "Things not to do" List

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Another Thing for the "Things not to do" List

Postby Barry Cohen on Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:43 am

YOLO is a 2011 R-27 with a Yanmar engine.

Ya know the hose that comes out of one of the two strainers and feeds the air conditioner pump? Well, last fall, I disconnected the hose at the strainer and ran pink antifreeze through the A/C system. When it started spitting out the forward port side drain, I stopped filling and re-connected the hose.

Fast forward to this past Saturday (April 13th). My son and I launched YOLO and took her for a short shake-down cruise. I lifted the engine hatch to check the drops coming from my stuffing box and noticed that the bilge was almost overflowing. I looked out the over the starboard side and saw that my bilge pump was in fact engaged. I called back to the yacht club and told them to get the lift ready because I was coming back and coming back hot!

We coasted into the straps and was lifted out of the water. I shut down the engine and went back to the compartment. I looked for water coming in and there it was........ Although the end of the hose at the strainer was connected, the other end that goes into the pump was not and water was still pouring from it. I can only assume that while manipulating one end of the hose, the other end worked its way off. I never even considered looking at it.

Although I will continue to winterize the A/C the same way, I will certainly be sure to check both ends of the hose.
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Re: Another Thing for the "Things not to do" List

Postby knotflying on Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:22 am

Very lucky you caught it! Were both pumps working? You may want to check to make sure you high water alarm and front bilge pump sensors are working.
On the antifreeze note; I usually will pump the antifreeze through the thru-hull up front while the sea cock is open. When the antifreeze starts to drain out the strainer on the bottom of the hull I stop pumping and I shut the sea cock.
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