Tv reception

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Tv reception

Postby bill j on Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:42 pm

I need some help with TV reception on my CW302. With the TV and an Amazon firestick plus iPhone 10 with ATT unlimited data plus more plan, will this work?? Will I be able to access stations and Netflix?? Any advice would be appreciated. I’ve been to the ATT store 8 times and received 8 totally different opinions. Bill
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Re: Tv reception

Postby Cutwater28GG on Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:42 pm

basically in theory yes.

things to watch out for

1. unless Im mistaken most "unlimited" plans actually cap the available data. - many at 22Gb of data at which speeds are throttled. Its complete BS and I am surprised we havent seen a court case on this yet.
2. you need to make sure your cell plan allows tethering.

set up your phone as a hotspot. connect the firestick to the phones wifi
plug your phone into power as it will use a lot when doing this
set the TV to HDMI port of the firestick and away you go

some apps are better at consuming bandwidth than others.
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Re: Tv reception

Postby BB marine on Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:49 pm

Depending on your location you can watch TV. We have the stock Majestic TV it is attached to the 12Volt TV antenna. When we are at our home port we have local TV stations using the digital antenna. When we are cruising to different areas when we get settled we do a search for channels for the area. Sometimes we have reception sometimes not. For steaming we have a AT&T Hotspot LTE. If we are in a area with cell service this works great, Netflix ,amazon prime, showtime, any service we have with our at home TV service we have on the boat. We use Apple TV with the Majestic TV. I also installed a 26" Samsung TV in the Forward V-Berth it is 120 Volt but works well at anchor with the inverter. The smart TV receives internet from the Hotspot wifi and has all the apps down loaded so everything we watch at home we are able to watch on the boat. We must be in an area that has cellular service for streaming or Digital broadcasting reception. I have the Samsung attached to a splitter and it receives a signal from the digital antenna too. I also have a 3rd source for TV reception. I have a Cable plug in the cockpit. We use this if Cable TV is available at the marina we are staying at. Some marinas have cable TV at the dock. I have a switch to change both TV's from antenna to Cable.

Before we used the Hot spot we used our iPhones to do the same thing. Our unlimited data slowed down about mid month during boating season. We had service but it just got real slow at times and we could not always stream series or movies. After we got the Hotspot and pay close to 100.00 a month extra for it we have no issue. Nothing is for free anymore. We activate the hotspot during boating season. The iPhones work fine as a hotspot but make sure you unlimited data doesn't have a clause that states after a (X amount of data used )your service may be slowed down during prime hours. Our AT&T service contract did that. Steaming uses a lot of Data.
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