keel and prop

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keel and prop

Postby FIMAN1 on Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:52 am

Looking for advice on keeping the Tug in my slip. I can paint the bottom but what about the Keel and Prop? wanting to prevent growth.
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Re: keel and prop

Postby Capt'nKarl on Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:25 am

Good day. Here’s my 2 cents. I did keep my boat in a slip last year in Pensacola for about 9 months and we went out every couple of weeks. She had fresh bottom paint on before she went into the slip. I did not have any growth protection on the rudder or prop. I started to notice a decrease in speed over the next several months so I hauled her out in February to check out the bottom. The hull was nicely protected but barnacles had almost blocked the raw water intake. The white water line stripe was covered. The rudder and prop were covered. Bow thruster a mess. I made up my mind then to keep her on the trailer. It took hours and hours to get the barnacles off. I had purchased a product from a company called Marlin. Each can is 250 ml. One can is a metal primer you apply first. The second can is called VELOX PLUS. It’s an anti fouling paint for props and metallic parts. They aren’t cheap about $75 for both if I remember. Had the prop, rudder and water intake not been a mess my plan was to apply the products and continue using the slip but once I saw the growth I decided to keep her out. The two cans are still sealed in plastic. If your interested let me know. I’d like to know if they work.
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Re: keel and prop

Postby Cutwater28GG on Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:45 am

when I have the bottom painted they paint very carefully the grate of the raw water intake to avoid growth on the intake. it works very well. the diver always comments its a nice job.

I applied a barnacle barrier to the trim tabs and the prop. it helps but its not the same as antifouling paint as weed still grows. you cannot however antifoul the prop or trim tabs that well as the paint just washes off. a more expensive optoin is to have PropSpeed painted on. I just have my diver who is changing the syncs clean things up and it works out well. you probably have warmer water than me in the PNW so you might be able to go for a swim yourself and give the trip tabs and clean.
I'd definitely add barnicle barrier to the tabs and prop to avoid those pesky suckers.
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