R23 Fishing/BBQ Cockpit Station

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R23 Fishing/BBQ Cockpit Station

Postby Hamster on Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:49 pm

After living in the Pacific Northwest for forty years, I finally discovered fishing and cruising the inland waters of the Salish Sea four years ago. Last fall, I said goodbye to my 23 foot – and 40-year old, wood dory boat and got a new R23. The R23 had the power to get me where I wanted to go in the San Juans and beyond; it had the comforts that will get my wife to spend more time on the water with me; and it was able to still take me fishing for salmon, ling cod and halibut.

But the boat is not designed to be a pure fishing boat, so it has its limitations. If you want one to salmon fish, you’d be looking at many other models of boats with bigger decks and less amenities. Sure, it has downrigger pads and outlets that can be added. But what it really lacked is a place to put my fishing gear that wasn’t in the cabin galley. While fishing, I really want to have my tackle handy, downrigger balls somewhere close by, and other things like downrigger clips, fish scent, tools, etc. ready when needed.

So, over the winter I started noodling on an idea to add a table and some storage shelves on the starboard side of the cockpit. Along that side, there is 5-7” of space along the wall where a pad is located along the gunwale. I figured this was enough depth for shelves that will hold the downrigger balls and some old peanut jars for miscellaneous fishing gear. Add to that a folding table where I can put the fishing tackle box on and I’m ready to go. An extra bonus is that the folding table can also be used to put my Weber BBQ on when on the hook or at the dock; that saves me from buying another BBQ, which makes the wife happy!

gallery2.php?g2_itemId=66619. (Here is a link to a photo in my gallery. I can't figure out how to insert directly.)

My work is just a prototype that I will test over the next season of use. I made it out of cedar and some scrap marine plywood. I figure that I will make some adjustments to the design after using it, and then I will build something permanent with finer wood and craftsmanship. But, for a prototype, I’m pretty pleased with how it looks and how I think it will function. (I just finished it this last weekend when it was snowing here in Puget Sound.)

If you’re interested in building this, you can look at more pictures in my album or send me a PM. Each leg is built to match the angle of the hull and the angle (flare) of the gunwale.

P.S. My next project is going to figure out how to add a rack off the swim deck and over the OB to carry my crab pots.
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Re: R23 Fishing/BBQ Cockpit Station

Postby baz on Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:41 pm

Very nice prototype construction. I love the whole concept. It's very innovative and cunningly designed to look like a professional job. Well done. It's amazing what one can get up to during a Snowmageddon. :o :D

Oh.... and I like your binocular holder... :)
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Re: R23 Fishing/BBQ Cockpit Station

Postby HudsonRanger15 on Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:22 am

I like the way you set that up, I have the R23 Diesel so I have limited cockpit space. You have given me some ideas, let me know how your make out with the finished product. Thank you

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