Yanmar impeller and belt access ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

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Re: Yanmar impeller and belt access ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Postby Chimo on Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:17 am

trailertrawlerkismet wrote:Barry I understand your thoughts however I’ll make a suggestion. Even if one never goes thru an impeller replacement again it’s my belief that the experience of going thru the process, however difficult, is important for that time we hope never happens.....an impeller failure when we’re away from the comfort of our home dock or waters. If this happens, even if we ourselves don’t make the swap, I feel the learning experience we went thru on the initial change will help guiding a technician thru the process. By the way Barry the impeller on your new R29 is very easy to access.



You are absolutely correct! After 3 hrs of agony on Monday I had the new impeller installed in our R25SC with a d3. I started the engine and was dismayed to see a leak. Heading back in and starting by depressing the belt tensioner. At that point the socket and ratchet fell and rolled under the engine. The technician will arrive tomorrow at 0830 to fix the impeller and retrieve the wrench. I have decided that I will do all future maintenance except the impeller. Nevertheless, as I explained to my wife, when s**t happens and I have to replace an impeller in the middle of nowhere I will tackle the job knowing fully what is involved and how many calming cocktails will be required when it is complete.
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Re: Yanmar impeller and belt access ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Postby tugnnaweigh on Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:02 am

Impellers are a challenge, but usually you can see the pump when you go looking for it and see the pump when your working on it so overall in the wide wide world of boat work it’s not too too bad; the challenge is how far from you it is, down a long, narrow cluttered hallway so to speak. And this, like oil and filter changes and battery maintenance is something you want to get good at.

Then, when you think the job is done, there’s a leak or the key left it’s position on the shaft at installation and it doesn't pump water at all! And then there’s how the bolt pattern is arranged making only one position correct for reassembly.

Little tricks I’ve done is line said hallway with pillows with carpet on top for a comfortable recline as you're going to be there a while. Mark an up arrow on the backing plate prior to removal. Replace the bolts with allen head fasteners as they stick better to the end of the long long long extension your having to use. Have on hand a set of needle nose pliers about two feet long. A little dab of grease will hold the bolt in the shallow socket if your going that reinstallation route. Towel underneath as mentioned to catch fallen parts, buy extra fasteners. No drinkies until done, otherwise you’ll just wander off. And I’ve recently purchased an actual impeller puller, looks impressive, have yet to use it.

And what I’m actually freakin going to do is buy an entire brand new raw water pump! As decent as I’ve gotten at boat repairs and maintenance over the many many many years here in my golden years I find myself beaten to a pulp, submission at last. Now, I can’t afford a boat if I pay for everything, on my new to me R29 I just squeaked out about 20K of repairs out for around 5K so I’m still bending back and turning wrenches. And to be honest I haven't even gone looking for the raw water pump yet so there’s that.

But my theory is the pump is held by three or so bolts, you untension the belt tensioner pop the belt off, easy peasy and the only other challenge/risk is getting the two hoses off the pump. I’m seriously considering carrying spares of the two hoses. Then you put on your brand new pump you know for sure works and doesn't leak! Could be especially applicable if you're bobbing around on the water somewhere unexpected far from tow or outside repair, I’m buying an additional alternator too.

Then you take the removed pump to your workbench, drinkies for everyone ‘cause you can wander off and come back and tenderly replace it’s impeller just right rinse and repeat every year or two!

What could possibly go wrong?
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Re: Yanmar impeller and belt access ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Postby baz on Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:17 pm


Your post did bring smiles & grins to my face.

It reminds of Dave Barry's 2008 story/article on "A journey into my colon - and yours" - and has been updated for 2018. :lol:

https://www.miamiherald.com/living/liv-columns-blogs/dave-barry/article1928847.html. It should also bring some smiles to your face
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Re: Yanmar impeller and belt access ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Postby captstu on Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:54 pm

At least on my R25, the impeller service seems easy compared to access to the rear thruster. :-) After cutting some fiberglass out of the way, I can swap impellers in under an hour. My record for the rear thruster is closer to 2.5 hours.
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Re: Yanmar impeller and belt access ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Postby Osprey on Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:16 pm

Servicing the raw water impellor can be difficult or can be easy - your choice. A good way to make the service easy (other than getting someone else to do the work) is to modify the step at the cabin entrance. To get an idea about what is involved check out p. 4 of the image gallery by "nzfisher", tug name "Swims With Tuna".
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