Winterizing your Ranger 25 A/C Unit - Part 1

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Winterizing your Ranger 25 A/C Unit - Part 1

Postby IdleUp on Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:05 pm

Winterizing your Ranger 25 A/C Unit Part 1

This is part 1 of a 3-part series to winterize a Ranger 25, This post will cover protecting the AC unit, as well as a mod to where you can use the same system to run your AC unit while your Ranger is parked on a trailer in an RV Park

With just a few easily found fittings, a faucet, and some hose, winterizing your AC unit can be as simple as shutting off the hull intake valve - opening the mini valve and sticking the hose in a jug of RV solution. As you fire up the A/C unit, the pump will draw the solution into heat exchanger and out the discharge. As soon as you see RV fluid comes out of the discharge outlet with a good red color, just shut off the unit and close the valve. Make sure you have a pail or hose on the A/C outlet when winterizing, to avoid getting RV Fluid it into water! Next spring, you just open the hull inlet valve and you're ready to go.

AC On Your Trailer

Back in 94, when I used to pull my 25 ft boat around the country, when I was on the road, I got tired of sweating bullets in the cabin of my boat, when everyone else in the RV park was sitting in comfort. As a result, I dreamed up this “fresh water” pressure tap for my AC. It’s really simple, we just use tap water to cool the condenser.

All that is needed is a hose adapter as shown in the same hose that you we used to winterize the system. Turn the water tap on very low, just to a point where the water has a small solid stream out the outlet. It takes very little water to run the unit, keep in mind, the AC has thermal protection, so in the event the water is turned off by your neighbor, the compressor will simply shut down until it cools off. To prevent the discharge water from pouring down the hull, cut off a garden hose and stick it in the discharge port and lay the hose in the grass or in a sewer if available.


This is a typical fitting set-up

This image shows the R25 AC inlet closed and the valve for drawing the RV solution. This valve will also be used when running the AC with tap water.

This shows the system ready with the valve in the open position. Once the AC is started, the pump will draw the solution in the heat exchanger. Make sure to run your AC unit just prior to the winterizing, so the pump is already primed and ready to go. If the pump is dry, it will still draw the solution after a minute or so, elevate the RV bottle to assist the pump.

A few fittings and a garden hose adaptor.


This is the garden hose fitting, which I simply put into the same pickup tube used for winterizing. This supplies the pressure water to the A/C pump for A/C operation on your trailer when traveling.

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