Refilling hot water tank after draining

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Re: Refilling hot water tank after draining

Postby knotflying on Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:49 am

There have been a few comments made that a little water in the tanks should not be an issue since there is room to expand. Keep in mind that the boat location is important. Being from the Northeast there can be sever cold weather stretches. I wouldn't worry about any residual water in the tank, but I would worry about any water laying in the outlet fitting exiting the tank. Fittings are not forgiving and are usually the first to break in a freeze. Good luck trying to get to a fitting on the water tank if it breaks. I prefer to deal with removing the small amount of antifreeze in the tank rather than the possibility of a split fitting. Better still, I bring the boat to Florida before the freeze. And then I still have to deal with the residual water that stinks up the tank! That's another thread to read, especially if you are a vodka lover.
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