No Ignition and Helm Power

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No Ignition and Helm Power

Postby Toot541 on Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:44 am

There is no power to my 2011 R 29 helm unless the inverter switch is ON. No Garmin or Yanmar dislay and no power to ignition with inverter switch OFF. Inverter switch ON and the Garmin and the Yanmar panel powerup and engine starts.

Is there something I need to fix or is this the way the boat is wired?

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Re: No Ignition and Helm Power

Postby knotflying on Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:15 pm

Let's think this through. Your Garmin is powered by the house batteries. The engine start is powered by the engine batteries. Your inverter is powered by the house batteries. with everything off is your engine battery showing fully charged? Why are you turning on your inverter? That should only be used to get 110V to outlets off of your House bank. Or in the up position it is turning on your charger.
There is a switch (most likely on a 2011) that isolates the inverter from the house bank. Do you have the Promarina Combi? This has the charger and inverter together and that is why there is a switch in the battery box to isolate the inverter from the house bank. Are you plugged into shore power? If so and your engine battery is dead then you may be surface charging the engine battery with the inverter switch in the up position and hence that is why the engine is starting.

Take a look at things and report back.
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Re: No Ignition and Helm Power

Postby TBates on Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:52 pm


It sounds like low battery voltage to me. When turning on the inverter/charger combo unit are you flipping the switch up or down? In the up position the unit is in charging mode, and down is the inverter mode. If it were a voltage issue this would explain why everything would turn on as soon as you started charging. As knotflying stated the house and engine batteries are separate banks, so the engine display shouldn't have anything to do with the inverter.

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