R25 Volvo Transmission

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R25 Volvo Transmission

Postby adambakerlawrence on Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:28 pm

In January of 2018 I purchased a 2016 R25, with a Volvo 125 diesel inboard. It is a 100% fresh water boat with about 660 hrs. Two months ago, the transmission failed. I had the boat towed, the transmission removed and sent to a transmission specialist. They evaluated the transmission and determined it to be a complete mechanical failure. The dealer, Singleton Marine, contacted Volvo to see if they would warranty the parts, or at least provide some relief. Volvo has rejected any support. I am now faced with a $15,000 repair bill for a new transmission (on a boat that is two yea s old). This makes me sick to my stomach, and I am giving you an opportunity to intervene to preserve the reputation of your brand.
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Re: R25 Volvo Transmission

Postby S. Todd on Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:36 pm

I always send my engine oil and transmission fluid in for an oil analysis at the end of the season when I change them. Did the prior owner ever do that, or even change the fluid per the owners manual? I would hope that if there was a problem it would show up with the oil analysis before a total failure.
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Re: R25 Volvo Transmission

Postby BB marine on Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:40 am

I would speak with the seller. If the seller has records of all service work done, oil and filter changes to engine and transmission. It is surprising that Volvo will not honor repairs to a 2 year in service transmission. The hours are a bit high for 2 years but not crazy high! Service records are very important especially when a major failure occurs. Many of us service our own engines which I believe is better then having it done by a repair center. The most important part is following manufactures recommendation and documenting all of it. Hours, type and brand of oil, use manufactures filters and include the part number of filter in service log. I believe having a oil sample done at each oil change adds to the credibility of the service documentation along with giving a good analysis of the running condition of the equipment.

If the seller can provide information of service and it matches Volvo requirements I would take it a step further with Volvo. If the seller failed to service the equipment properly I would take it a step further with the seller. Did you have a full survey when purchasing the boat? If so did the survey include a full engine/transmission and running gear inspection?

What was the cause of the failure and what actually failed in the transmission to deem it complete mechanical failure?

Good luck with your quest to get answers.
Brian Brown
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Re: R25 Volvo Transmission

Postby TBates on Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:39 pm

Hello Adam,

Is Singleton Marine a certified Volvo Penta service center? If not, this is most likely the reason the claim was rejected. I would also like to ask what the determined cause of the failure was? Did Singleton provide any additional information as to why the issue occurred? I would also be interested in hearing what exactly happened during the failure, as well as if there were any warnings showing on your 4" Volvo display.

Feel free to call me directly, as I am the in house Volvo technician (253)839-5213. If more convenient, you can also send me a direct email to the address listed in my signature.

Tim Bates
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