Depth Sounder access on R-27

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Depth Sounder access on R-27

Postby rpmerrill on Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:51 am

Well, I now have a blinking depth reading on my Garmin. From all I have read I need to add fluid to my transducer reservoir. Sounds easy. I removed the transom seat lid, removed the propane locker, removed the shelf under the propane locker and found my depth sounder/transducer (partially visible and barely reachable under the holding tank).

I grabbed it and gave it a turn to the left. The top "cover" lifted off and was able to slide up the wire. "Airmar" written on the cover. Then what was left mystified me. Not sure what was transducer and what was mounting base. No way were the remaining guts coming out or giving any hint of movement.

I came home and looked up Airmar and found something that looked like mine and got a manual. Still not sure what to do next, I drove to a nearby marine electronics center in town. They were very helpful and assured me it would/should come right out. Back at the boat....NO WAY! (I'm 70 but I also recruited a boatyard mechanic to give it a try.)

From the Airmar Installation Instructions I determined that my "cover" was only loosely installed because there was no locking ring that it could be screwed to. (Maybe there was no locking ring because the installation was so tight?) Anyway I am beginning to believe that the transducer may be simply glued in place?????

I may be able to loosen and slide my holding tank forward about 6 inches for more access, but I'm beginning to look around my workshop for a big crowbar and hammer?
Hopefully someone will have some better ideas.
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Re: Depth Sounder access on R-27

Postby Andrew Custis on Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:41 pm

Hello. If you could email me a picture of the transducer to my direct email I will tell you how it is installed. It is quite common for them to blink and lose depth depending on speed. Make sure your zoom is set to auto and someone didn't change settings. If the glued in ones worked from the beginning its rare for them to go bad. Maybe excess growth on the bottom or when the person repainted the boat it affected its performance. Easiest thing to do to improve performance is most likely install a new one in a different location and possibly upgrade at the same time.

Thank you,
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