Replacement dashboard backlight EL wire? (2017 R-23)

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Replacement dashboard backlight EL wire? (2017 R-23)

Postby jasonpeacock on Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:20 pm

The backlighting on my dashboard button labels no longer works on my 2017 R-23 :(

From what I can tell, there is no switch - as long as the house battery is ON, the dashboard button labels (Horn, Navigation Lights, Bilge Pump, etc) should be illuminated. I triple-checked both the 5A fuses at the drivers and the 10A fuse in the fuse block, all are good.

It looks like the backlighting is via EL wire using TECH LITE 3318-2R drivers (and covered in foil EMF tape). The actual drivers were warm to the touch, so they are definitely getting power, but the EL wire is not illuminating.


I tried searching for replacement drivers online, and while I could find similar drivers, I could not find the exact same drivers.

Does anyone know a source for the TECH LITE 3318-2R drivers & EL wire that I can use to replace mine? I would need 2 sets - there are two dashboard button sets, a large and small with 8 & 4 buttons respectively.

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