Trouble with code p0008 solved

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Trouble with code p0008 solved

Postby jsaretzki on Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:00 pm

Thank you guys for all your help..turns out the code p0008 was that not enough fuel was going to the engine..i replaced the 2 fuel filters and the problem persisted. So I unscrew the hose that go from the tank to the first fuel filter and I blew on it .There was a cloge on The fuel valve so I open and cleaned it up .Now works perfect...thanks again for all your help
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Re: Trouble with code p0008 solved

Postby captstu on Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:15 am

This is been discussed several times. There’s a screen on the bottom of the tube that goes into your fuel tank. That screen was left over from gasoline engine fuel tanks and must be removed for a diesel engine. Blowing it out will help for a while. Ultimately you have to take the tube out of the tank and remove the screen or you will continue to have problems.

The root cause of the problem of course is water in the fuel. The interface between the water in the diesel fuel grows a slimy thing.

The slime clogs the screen or clogs one or more of your fuel filters or eventually clogs the injectors. Well you might not have such a serious problem that you can keep after by changing filters, the prudent thing to do is clean the tank.

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Re: Trouble with code p0008 solved

Postby edSB on Tue Jul 23, 2019 7:56 am

How does one remove the tube/screen? The ball valve seems too close to the tank to rotate ?

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Re: Trouble with code p0008 solved

Postby BB marine on Tue Jul 23, 2019 11:11 am

edSB wrote:How does one remove the tube/screen? The ball valve seems too close to the tank to rotate ?


I removed the screen as a preventative move when I installed a fuel polishing system. The ball valve needs to be removed first. The best way to remove the valve is to remove the valve handle to give more clearance when unthreading.
The photo shows the tube location, as noted in the photo back up the nut on the tank when loosening the pick-up tube.
This is a photo of pick up tube removed with screen installed. The diesel fuel tank doesn't require the screen to be installed by ABYC. The screen is in place for Gas powered boats with anti-syphon valves installed. The screen is to protect the anti-syphon valves from debris getting caught in them and working improperly.
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