Solar Panel Wiring

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Solar Panel Wiring

Postby LMRanger on Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:04 pm

I have a new to me 2015 R25SC, HIN FMLR2514J415. It has a solar panel on top. What I don't have is a wiring diagram of where the solar controller and any on/off switches are located.

Also in the battery compartment there are two (2) Blue Seas ACR's that I would like to have identified. Where do they get the power from and what batteries they are charging.

Any help from the factory on these would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Solar Panel Wiring

Postby ShortCut on Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:19 pm

An ACR is a 'magical' 3-terminal devices that simply has one wire to ground and one wire to each of two batteries. It gets its power from the connected batteries and there are no other inputs or outputs. The ACR simply monitors the voltage at each connected battery and keeps its relay open if neither battery is 13.0 volts or higher. If it detects higher than 13.0 volts for 90 seconds or higher than 13.6 volts for 30 seconds, it connects the two batteries together (in parallel) through a relay. If paralleled batteries drop below 12.75 volts for 30 seconds or below 12.35 volts for 10 seconds, the relay opens.

This means that if a charging source (any charging source) is connected to one of the batteries, the other battery will connect to the charging source when the voltage criteria is met. With two ACR's, all three battery banks can be charged from the single charging source (such as solar).

I can't help with the specific wiring details of your solar power system because I put together my own system. I would look for the controller and monitor devices to be either in the cave by the circuit breakers or near one of the batteries. I would not expect to find an on/off switch for the solar panels, although fuses could be removed to serve that purpose.

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Re: Solar Panel Wiring

Postby knotflying on Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:54 am

You may also find it in the cockpit lazerette on the port side usually the one that holds the generator.
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